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January 14, 2018
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January 14, 2018

When seeking for a bernina sewing machine near Malibu, we are the leader in service and repair on industrial and home sewing machines including servicing bernina sewing machine. Our technicians have over 25 years of experience in bernina sewing machine near Malibu. A & A sewing machine service center has been serving the needs of all over Malibu for over 25 years. A & A sewing has certified repairman on-site located in the city of Malibu waiting to help you. Feel free to bring in any equipment make or model for all of your service needs.

Whether you’re in need of a new sewing machine or upgrading your sewing room, A&A Sew Shop has sewing products to get the beginner started and to appease the more experienced quilter’s needs. A&A Sewing Machines can apply their sewing experience for any sewing project you are tasked with and can help you diagnose and repair any setbacks your sewing machine may run into.

Sewing Machine Services in Malibu

Whether you’re sew shopping online for a bernina sewing machine or a sewing machine,  A&A Sewing Shop has all the quilting supplies you need for every kind of sewing project.
If sewing is your passion, get all of your sewing sewing supplies from A&A sewing center that is as dedicated in serving the community of Malibu.
All service is done on site with less time than a week turnaround time. It is recommended to have your machines serviced annually to keep them properly cleaned, adjusted and lubricated. Visit our location or call us
to come to you in the city of Malibu.
Take care of your sewing machine, dust it out and give it the attention it deserves.  It only takes a few minutes and your machine will appreciate you for it.

Things to bring when coming in for repair for your bernina sewing machine:

  • All Purpose Foot or Zig-Zag Foot
  • Foot Pedal and Power Cord
  • Bobbin and Bobbin Case
  • Samples list of stitching problems
  • Specific fabric and/or thread causing problems
  • Embroidery Module with Hoop and Embroidery Foot for Sewing/Embroidery Machines
Visit our Sewing Machine Parts Home Page to get in touch.

Services we offer:

  • Sewing machine rentals in Malibu
  • Sewing machine sales in Malibu
  • Sewing machine parts in Malibu

We service/repair most of the brands including servicing for bernina sewing machine and other similar brands including  Renown and more. 

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