Husqvarna has a wide array of lawn mowers built to meet the demands of lawn junkies and resolve emerging concerns on landscaping. Husqvarna mowers are categorized according to the amount of work needed and with the frequency of usage. Using these factors, Husqvarna mowers are divided into three main groups.

Professional Use

Husqvarna offers mower types dedicated to extreme duty for daily use. These mowers are adequate for pro foresters, arborists, land clearing, landscapers, construction crews and other users who demand the ultimate professional performance.


These group of mowers are engineered for extreme work and occasional demanding use. Usually farmers and ranchers go with these types of mowers. Large residential property owners would also like to get one of these machines.


These line of mowers are primarily for lawn junkies who spend the rest of their day working their lawns. Also for, residential property owners and others who seek reliable proven performance and quality.

Husqvarna mowers are equipped with engines manufactured by Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler, and Daihatsu. The company makes it a point that their tools are competitive by only using trusted and dependable parts. Common features of Husqvarna mowers are its high rear wheels, AutoWalk(TM) self-propelled systems, adjustable cutting heights and mulching options. The Husqvarna 64 classic reel for instance has no engine emission, no fuel and can clear tall grass. The heavy duty Husqvarna walk behind mowers are made to tolerate extreme weather cast aluminum decks, steel decks, Advanced Cutting System (ACS) floating decks, QuickLift decks, and commercial engines with spin-off filters.

Other types are Husqvarna mowing tractors and zero turn models that utilizes the same quality of engines and cutting systems. Lastly, Husqvarna Auto Mowers have integrated robotics system to perform tasks like mowing, clearing and other many functions. In conclusion, the best thing about each Husqvarna lawn mower is they can fit any types of lawn jobs and landscaping for individual needs.

The durability of Husqvarna Mower is something to expect as the company make sure its history is not something to be taken lightly. Husqvarna Mowers are designed to be outside around the clock and functions unattented regardless of the weather. These machines are perfect for semi-pros, farmers/ranchers, large residential property owners and other demanding users who require high performance.

In conclusion, the Husqvarna machines and power tools offers everything to let you master your great outdoors. If you are a yard junky or if landscaping is a hobby you can’t get enough with, then you got to have one of these neat tools.


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